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Subverting Hatred
Subverting Hatred Back

Subverting Hatred

ed. Daniel L. Smith-Christopher

In the spring of 1998, the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century commissioned this series of essays to investigate the theme of nonviolence in the sacred texts, the oral teachings, and the traditions of major world religions.

Subverting Hatred: The Challenge of Nonviolence in Religious Traditions sheds light on the mixed messages and conflicting testimony that emerged from this study and underscores the central questions for religious individuals everywhere: Does my faith have a fundamental message about nonviolence? If it does, what behavior must I follow if I take seriously the message I receive? Is there a mandate for some kind of civil or political action?

This book is a valuable resource in universities where courses of study in comparative religion are offered, in peace studies curricula, and in introductory humanities programs. Subverting Hatred is Published by Orbis Books in association with the Boston Research Center as part of its “Faith Meets Faith Series.”

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