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Dialogue Between East and West
Dialogue Between East and West Back

A Dialogue Between East & West

Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner and Daisaku Ikeda

In this dialogue Ricardo Diez-Hochlietner, educational reformist, economist and honorary president of the Club of Rome think tank, and Daisaku Ikeda examine the problems facing humankind in today’s global society. Recognizing these problems as causes and effects of a society typified by disrespect for cultural diversity and human life, misuse of natural resources, and deterioration of people’s inner life, they draw on the Buddhist concept of dependent origination and call for a human revolution. Such inner revolution is a change in the hearts and minds of individuals realizing the interconnectedness of all life and its environment. Human revolution effects a positive transformation in human interaction on local and global levels.

As pivotal to cultivating global citizens who think and act on both levels they cite education on peace, human rights and environmental issues. Deiz-Hochlietner encourages people to teach by example and show “consistency between proclaimed values and everyday behavior,” wisely utilizing classroom learnt knowledge. Such learning will nurture a new kind of leader who in resisting war and promoting active peace and dialogue, causes a necessary revolution in leadership. Diez-Hochleitner and Ikeda urge today’s leaders to “form bonds of mutual cooperation,” pool their wisdom and implement long-term policies which assign the highest priority to the welfare and development of young people. They concur that indispensable to securing world peace are politicians who “while passionately protecting the dignity of individual lives.advance towards a peaceful coexistence for all humanity.”

This book exemplifies the kind of dialogue it encourages people to engage in, demonstrating that what emerges from dialogue based on profound mutual respect is people’s essential humanity and hope for a future characterized by humane behavior and sustainable progress. This dialogue presents an inspiring and encouraging depiction of the mindset and behavior necessary for “the continued coexistence of Earth and humanity.”

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