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SGIA - Nichiren Buddhism & SGI

Nichiren Buddhism & SGI

Soka Gakkai literally translates as value creation society. In essence, the aim of all members of Soka Gakkai International (SGI) throughout the world is to manifest the life state of Buddhahood or enlightenment, so as to reveal the creative and compassionate potential of life. In so doing, we challenge ourselves to create thriving and peaceful families, work places and communities. The ultimate goal is, through the process of inner reformation (often referred to as human revolution), to create peace and prosperity in society. This is usually referred to by the Japanese term kosen-rufu.

sgi.gifSoka Gakkai bases itself on the teaching and practice established by Nichiren Daishonin, a Japanese Buddhist priest and philosopher living in thirteenth century Japan. Nichiren Daishonin revealed a direct means for all people to become happy through the practice of chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo (The title of the Lotus Sutra and teaching expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha of India). It is a universal practice that activates the inherent Buddha nature or creative life-force existing in all life, enabling each person to positively transform their life and relationships.

The fundamental law of the universe, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, is the true aspect of life. Chanting this phrase allows people to directly express their enlightened nature and is the primary practice of SGI members. Although the deepest meaning of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is revealed only through its practise, the literal meaning is: Nam (devotion), the action of practising Buddhism; Myoho (Mystic Law), the essential law of the universe and its phenomenal manifestations; Renge (lotus), the simultaneity of cause and effect; Kyo (sutra), meaning Buddha’s teaching or voice, symbolises the continuity of life throughout past, present and future.

SGI Australia supports each member in gaining benefit from this practical and humanistic way of living. Based on the pillars of faith, practice and study, SGI Australia provides inspiring and practical guidance on the development of faith as well as opportunities to train and take responsibility for personal growth and social contribution. Toward this end SGI Australia emphasises participation in group discussion meetings and promotes peace, cultural and educational activities; also collaborating with like-minded organisations and educational institutions.