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Daisaku Ikeda

Of all his brothers, Shin’Ichi had admired his eldest brother Kikuo the most. He had many memories of the times they had spent together. There was one memory he especially cherished, which involved a broken mirror. When Shin’Ichi was still a young boy, the mirror, part of their mother’s trousseau, had been broken by accident. From among the fragments, Shin’Ichi and Kikuo each kept a palm-sized piece, which became a personal treasure for both of them.

Daisaku Ikeda

Part 1 of the concluding volume to SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s 30-volume series tracks the progress of the organisation from 1979 to 1981 — Shin’ichi’s long-contemplated desire to hand over the reins of the Soka Gakkai to his successors, his dialogues for peace with world leaders and thinkers, and his counteroffensive against the actions of the priesthood and their associates.

Ringing with his spirit of “Lions stand up! The time has come to fight!”, this shared journey of mentor and members to forge new paths in the saga of kosen-rufu continues with one man’s never-be-defeated resolve to ensure world peace, no matter what.

The chapters in this book are: Great Mountain, Awaiting the Time, Launching Out, and Bells of Dawn (in part).

Daisaku Ikeda

Residents of Berlin who had long lived as neighbours now, in just one night, had an immovable wedge driven between them. State Authority had savagely severed precious human bonds as the Wall suddenly separated friends, lovers and family members. Shin’Ichi’S heart ached to think of the suffering this forced division must have been causing the German people…

This ongoing novelized history of the Soka Gakkai, contains not only episodes from the past but timeless guidance in faith.

Daisaku Ikeda

The imminent possibility of a third world war precipitated by the Cuban Crisis involving the US and Russia in the early 60’s forms the leitmotif of the seventh volume of the New Human Revolution.

The New Human Revolution V.7

Daisaku Ikeda

An ongoing series of the novelised history of the Soka Gakkai, Shin’ichi Yamamoto, the 3rd president of SGI, embarks on his trips overseas to fulfill his mentor’s vision of worldwide […]

Daisaku Ikeda

Powered by a passionate resolve to actualise his mentor’s vision of creating a world where a culture of peace and respect for humanity would pervade, Daisaku Ikeda, the protagonist and author, made sure that each goal he made on becoming President three years ago was realised one by one. The most important of course was to preserve the spirit of his predecessors. Determined to cut anything that diluted this spirit, Ikeda ran with full speed alone, believing that scores of runners would follow.

Daisaku Ikeda

On the sixth anniversary of his mentor and second President Josei Toda’s death, the protagonist and author Daisaku Ikeda once again articulated a deeply imbibed commitment to fulfil his mentor’s vision for world peace. This volume traces how issues of people-centric governance are encapsulated in the movement to realise kosen-rufu which places utmost importance on the individual and on sharing people’s suffering. President Ikeda believed that the fundamental distrust of human beings stemmed from the absence of a life philosophy that elucidates the reality of human existence, and so was determined to bring about a hew humanism through Nichiren Daishonin’s buddhism. “Kosen-rufu is that noble movement that recognises the buddha nature inherent in each individual and brings people together an a bond of mutual trust,” he said.

The Opening of the Eyes
The Persistence of Religion

Harvey G Cox and Daisaku Ikeda

Pinpointing the causes of conflict and the rise of radical religious factions as being poverty and disrespect of individuals, their countries and their cultures, Cox and Ikeda recommend a return […]

Thoughts on Peace and Human Rights in the Third Millennium.

The Snow Country Prince

Daisaku Ikeda, Illustrated by Brian Wildsmith, English by Geraldine McCaughrean

The Snow Country Prince relates the story of a young boy and his sister in a fishing village in the snow country who care for an injured swan through the harsh […]

This volume contains SGI President Ikeda’s lecture on the Gosho ‘The Supremacy of the Law’, emphasising the key role that women can play in building a peaceful society, based on individual transformation.

This volume contains SGI President Ikeda’s three-part lecture on the Gosho ‘On Practicing the Buddha’s Teachings’, explaining that the correct way to practise this Buddhism is to follow the Buddha’s intent and believe in the Lotus Sutra.

The Untold History of Fuji School

SGI-USA Study Department

Through this detailed history of the priesthood, you will gain a new understanding of the current problems with Nichiren Shoshu as well as a clearer picture of where our Kosen-Rufu […]

Daisaku Ikeda

A collection of SGI President Ikeda’s speeches and guidance for the Young Women’s Division

Showing 145–160 of 190 results