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The New Human Revolution Vol. 9

Daisaku Ikeda

On the sixth anniversary of his mentor and second President Josei Toda’s death, the protagonist and author Daisaku Ikeda once again articulated a deeply imbibed commitment to fulfil his mentor’s vision for world peace. This volume traces how issues of people-centric governance are encapsulated in the movement to realise kosen-rufu which places utmost importance on the individual and on sharing people’s suffering. President Ikeda believed that the fundamental distrust of human beings stemmed from the absence of a life philosophy that elucidates the reality of human existence, and so was determined to bring about a hew humanism through Nichiren Daishonin’s buddhism. “Kosen-rufu is that noble movement that recognises the buddha nature inherent in each individual and brings people together an a bond of mutual trust,” he said.

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