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Embracing Compassion V.3
Embracing Compassion V.3 backcover

Embracing Compassion V.3

Daisaku Ikeda

Embracing Compassion: A Revolution in Leadership By Daisaku Ikeda Selected addresses Vol 3: 2006~2008

Buddhism, it can be said, is about becoming a better human being. In Embracing Compassion – the collection of SGI President Daisaku Ikeda’s speeches at an annual conference for top Soka Gakkai leaders – he focuses on that process through the lens of leadership.

Embracing Compassion: A Revolution in Leadership Vol 3, comprises President Ikeda’s speeches from those gatherings in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The SGI leader discusses significant lessons that can be applied in any leadership situation, including:

  • Keys to fostering oneself and others
  • The importance of gratitude and sincerity
  • Forming a sound philosophical foundation through study
  • How to develop oneself through caring for others
  • Creating an atmosphere in which women and young people can demonstrate their full potential.

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