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Dialogue Between East and West

Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner and Daisaku Ikeda

In this dialogue Ricardo Diez-Hochlietner, educational reformist, economist and honorary president of the Club of Rome think tank, and Daisaku Ikeda examine the problems facing humankind in today’s global society. Recognizing […]

A Geography of Human Life

Tsunesaburo Makiguchi

This volume is the English edition of a work originally published in Japan in the early 1900s, offering a social and educational view of the human condition, described in geographic […]

A Lifelong Quest For Peace

Linus Pauling and Daisaku Ikeda

Along the fast-paced course of this dialogue emerges a broad yet sensitive glimpse of two men—one a specialist in chemistry/ a scientist, the other a Buddhist—both strongly committed to peace and […]

A New Humanism

Daisaku Ikeda

As a Buddhist and ardent advocate of peace, Ikeda offers fresh insights that connect the philosophy and values of the Buddhist tradition with the legacy and future of the humanist […]

A Passage To Peace

Nur Yalman and Daisaku Ikeda

The dialogue recorded here can be characterized as a vital bridge much like the ancient Silk Road, connecting the easternmost and westernmost civilizations of Asia. Through wide-ranging and frank exchanges […]

A Quest For Global Peace

Sir Joseph Rotblat and Daisaku Ikeda

The exchanges between Sir Joseph Rotblat and Daisaku Ikeda read like an absorbing textbook for understanding the deeper currents of humanity’s struggle to live with itself in an age of nuclear arms. […]

A World of Prayer

ed. Rosalind Bradley

Nearly a hundred prominent men and women from every religious tradition and around the globe here share a favorite prayer, while reflecting on its personal meaning. Nobel Peace Prize winners […]

A Youthful Diary

Daisaku Ikeda

One man’s journey from the beginning of faith to worldwide leadership for peace. In 1949, a 21-year-old Daisaku Ikeda began a private diary that would continue for 11 years, until May […]

Abolishing War

Elise Boulding and Randall Forsberg

In these dialogues, which emerged from a Center seminar series that featured Forsberg and Boulding, we experience the thoughtfulness and moral awareness that made both of them influential figures in […]

Basics of Buddhism

Pat Allwright

A very user-friendly guide to Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism. Easy to understand explanation of Nam myo ho renge kyo.

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Become a Dragon

Original Story and Illustrations by Sakana Morino

For ages 5-8 When a traveller tells the tale of the legendary and dangerous waterfall called the Dragon Gate – which enables any carp who climbs it to turn into […]

Before it is Too Late

Aurelio Peccei and Daisaku Ikeda

In the 25years since the first Japanese and English language editions of the Peccei-Ikeda dialogues, science and technology have opened new frontiers of industry and productivity. Yet greater material and […]

Birds Who Suffer From the Cold

Original Story by Hiroyuki Okura, Retold by Natalie Bates and illustrated by Eigoro Futamata

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Buddhism Day By Day

Daisaku Ikeda

This book presents gems of inspiration. Their clarity & practicality will encourage you every day of the year, wether or not you have studied Buddhism before.

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Buddhism For You - Courage

Showing 1–15 of 156 results