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Global Ethical Options: In the tradition of Gandhi, King and Ikeda

Lawrence Edward Carter; George David Miller; Neelakanta Radhakrishnan

An ideal high school, university and workshop text on an increasingly important issue, this unique book explores the possibility of a new global ethics in twenty brief chapters, dealing with […]

Gongyo English Large Blue

Multiple colours and sizes available in English and Japanese.


Daisaku Ikeda

A discussion on the life of the Great Spanish Artist Daisaku Ikeda Conversations between Daisaku Ikeda and SGI Japan youth division representatives on Goya’s life.

Hope For A Brilliant Future

Hope for a Brilliant Future is a compilation of President Ikeda’s most recent speeches available in English and Chinese.

Human Rights in the 21st Century

Austregesilo de Athayde and Daisaku Ikeda

Born of their struggles to uphold human rights this dialogue represents the coming together of two kindred spirits, Austregésilo de Athayde (1898-1993) and Daisaku Ikeda. Athayde was president of the Brazilian Academy […]

Human Values in Changing World

Bryan Wilson and Daisaku Ikeda

In a spontaneously wide-ranging conversation over dinner one winter evening in Japan, sociologist of religion Bryan Wilson and Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda recognized the importance of explaining and learning about their worldviews. Human […]

Humanism & the Art of Medicine

Daisaku Ikeda

A compilation of conversations between President Ikeda & representatives from the Soka Gakkai Doctors Division. Their discussions cover a wide range of topics realting to various illnesses.

Ikeda Sensei

Dr N. Radhakrishnan

This book contains reflections on the mentor-disciple relationship and on selected writings, speeches & dialogues of President Ikeda by Dr Radhakrishnan

Incense Hoju Excellent
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Incense Hoju
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Incense KaFuh Aqua
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Incense KaFuh Aqua Small
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Incense Kafuh Daphne
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Incense Kafuh Daphne Small
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Incense KaFuh Hinoki
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Showing 46–60 of 166 results