Letter of Introduction for visiting the Hall of the Great Vow and overseas SGI centres

Please arrange letters at least 2 weeks before departure.

To request a Letter of Introduction to visit the Hall of the Great Vow ONLY please complete the form below. If you are having difficulty completing the form please email admin@sgiaust.org.au.

For visiting overseas SGI Centres (including SGI Japan) please email admin@sgiaust.org.au with the full name of each visiting member, the country and city you are visiting, and the period of stay.

Before arranging your travel, please check the opening schedule of the Hall of the Great Vow. View dates and times below:

November – December

January – February 2020

March – April 2020

May – June 2020

Letter of Introduction to the Hall of the Great Vow Application Form

Please note only Registered Members of SGIA can join the Gongyo ceremony in the Hall of the Great Vow due to strict guidelines.

Please complete ONE form for each Registered Member.

For members who have difficulty reading and speaking English, please contact your Group, Area or Regional Leader for assistance.