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Notice: Suspension of all meetings in SGIA due to worsening Coronavirus spread


To all members of SGI Australia and visitors to SGI centres,

After careful consideration of the worsening Coronavirus situation in Australia, the board of directors and executive of SGIA have made the difficult decision to suspend all meetings (including Group meetings) from tomorrow (March 7th) across the country until further notice.  This decision will be re-assessed on a regular basis.  It will also entail the closure of our centres to activities and visitors during the suspension.
The unfortunate reality is that, as the virus is now spreading within the community in Australia, we cannot predict how the crisis will unfold.  Our absolute priority is for the health and safety of our members and ensuring that we do not contribute to the worsening of the virus spread in Australia. Therefore, we believe acting now is the most responsible course of action to take, even though it will naturally cause significant disruption to our rhythm of activities in SGIA.
President Ikeda writes in The New Human Revolution: “The most important thing to remember, though, is that safety is your top priority. Whatever you do, you need to think about the safest way to achieve this. Preventing accidents is an absolute condition for victory, so you don’t have to take any risks! ”  (NHR, Part 13, chapters 4, 45).
As with our decision to call-off the OPC this weekend, what is most important is our attitude in the face of these challenges – how we can use this situation to summon an even greater determination to not be defeated and strive for the realisation of human peace and happiness.  It’s actually because of the challenges that we can summon a deeper conviction!
When the SARS virus broke out in 2003, President Ikeda sent a message to the Hong Kong and Taiwan members, where the members could not hold meetings for a long time.  In it, President Ikeda emphasised:


“Our members are not prevented by obstacles or difficulties. They are determined to support society wherever they are. The Gosho says:” Myo means to revive, that is, to return to life.” (WND-1, p149)  If you practice Mystical Law, you will never end up at an impasse, even if you are suffering right now, please try to do your best for the Mystical Law, for people and for society.
“Your efforts and the history that you write with your life will shine in the future.  The more suffering you experience, the stronger and more capable you become.  You will be able to live your life with more depth.  All suffering will turn into treasures.  Such is the world of faith.  It’s not just about visible prosperity.  What is important is the enormous invisible prosperity that we collect.”


Of course, just because our meetings are suspended, it does not mean that kosen-rufu is suspended!  It is vital now that we take the initiative to continue to reach out to others consistently using whatever means we can – phone, messaging, video conferencing applications.  If we can continue with this momentum then we’ll be able to experience a groundswell of appreciation and growth when we are able to enjoy activities face-to-face again.
If you do decide to meet with another member face-to-face, please note this is a personal choice. In these cases you must at least ensure that the other person is comfortable to meet together.
As with the OPC, I hope we can all use the current situation to establish significant causes for the next 50 years of our movement’s development in Australia.
Please contact the state or national leaders in your state if you have any serious concerns.
Please also note that training courses such as the Group Leaders Training Course and GMTC will be postponed to a later date.


Warm regards,
Chris Steains
SGIA General Director

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